Gift Ideas

What should I Buy?

Do you ever find yourself stuck for ideas on what to buy someone for Christmas or a birthday? We find it especially hard to buy for men right! Well, sometimes you just need a few prompts to put you on a path of multiple ideas. If you want some ideas perhaps in the tech area then this site has some cool ideas. I particularly like number six on their suggestion list. Just click the left arrow or straight on the numbers at the bottom of the images. In fact, there are several cool ones there I would love to have. (note to self – get my partner to read this post haha)

Another idea; and this is where we come in. Is to get to your man through his stomach and go for a gift hamper or gourmet basket (Auckland page here) or main New Zealand page here. The great thing about this approach is you can enjoy the goodies as well 🙂

I ended up buying that number six-item on the tech page we linked to. It is very cool. :-0