Gift Hampers

Hampers from Ikea
Ikea Hampers

Not everyone wants to spend the money it takes to produce a good gift hamper and send it online; so here we provide a few tips to make your own.

Firstly it is worth finding a nice hamper, this could beĀ made from wicker or cane, this is the foundation for any hamper. Also, it has a lasting effect on the gift you give as the recipient can use it for something useful after the items have been eaten. Actually, we used one that was given to us as a magazine holder in the family room.

Then you need to place some screwed up coloured paper in the bottom to lift and push up the items you place on top. I like Red, my partner likes clear cellophane! Now here is the trick, make it look gourmet; go to your supermarket and walk down the aisles and look for items in unusual jars and packets. Buy brands that are not “mainstream”. Have a look in the exotic section or the Asian aisle. Choose some crackers or biscuits that do not get advertised on television. Try not to get anything that needs to be put in a refrigerator. It is ok to choose items that need refrigeration after opening, but just not before. A great gap filler is to buy a bag of individually wrapped sweets and sprinkle then around the hamper to add colour and a look of being full of treats. Have a look at some of the images on this gift hamper site and click on them to enlarge it. This will give some ideas on what to put in your hamper.

The final stage is to choose either clear cellophane or a coloured paper to completely encase the hamper. The clear approach allows you to see the items and using a coloured paper keeps it a complete mystery until it’s all open!!! You can include a nice card with it, but if you do this, take some time to write a meaningful message, it really does make all the difference.

Don’t be afraid to add it other items like non-food items. If the person you are sending the gift to has children, put in a colouring book and pencils or a lollipop