New Zealand

Overall New Zealand has been a little behind the major online markets like the USA, Canada, UK and even Australia to an extent.  This is kind of odd when on the other hand we are one of the largest users of gadgets in the world. It is changing rapidly now, though. For example, we belong to several groups that are based out of the United States. This helps bring knowledge down under some of which we share on TLD. That being said online sales of flowers plants and gift hampers, especially to Hospitals, have boomed in recent times. Partially this could be driven by growing trust and online shopping becoming the norm and I now do not know a single person that does not own a laptop, iPad or smartphone (Usually all three).

Grab One - Great Site
Grab One – Great Site

An auction site called TradeMe¬†would be New Zealand’s biggest success story with a sale of $700 Million dollars in 2006. Then there are sites we love like Grab One that has short-term deals on items that allow companies to increase their profile and also move some excess stock from time to time.

All in all, it is a good time to get involved selling goods and services online in NZ. Actually, that reminds me, I visited my Grandmother in her retirement village and they have an Internet room now! So even age holds no barrier to the trend to shop online!!!

Grans Internet Room
Grans Internet Room