It is safe online

check for https
check for https

We often get asked; especially from elderly shoppers. It is understandable given that they are really not that confident doing anything online.

There are a few things to watch out for:

Finding time to go to the mall just does not happen sometimes. With your busy social life, jobs to do, people to see it often gets missed. If you are too busy to look locally, it can be time for you to consider shopping on the web. This article will offer you techniques to help you shop online.

Speak with your friends with regards to their favorite online stores. There are heaps and heaps of potential websites to shop from. Talk to your friends and find out which ones they like and use. Start with a really common item like flower arrangements and buy them online or maybe send someone a potted indoor plant as a gift for something they did for you. This will help you to get a feel for the ease of the process.

In order to save money, think outside the square a little, consider large auction sites or grab one type deals. You will get some great deals from these and often find perfect gifts to suit the whole family. Read more about bidding strategies prior to getting started on auction sites; I am constantly amazed at people willingness to share their knowledge.

Make it a habit and sign up for “price alerts”. It goes even for purchases that you’ve recently made as many reputable sites have a time frame in which you can request a partial refund if you paid a higher amount.

Look for coupons before investing in a product online. Most internet retailers generally have some promotional offers taking place. Compare prices and look at other sites. Customers sometimes share their discount coupons on message boards or blogs.

Remember your budget and credit limits while shopping online. The virtual field of online shopping has gotten lots of people in serious debt. You must take a look at online shopping, in the same way, you look at offline shopping. Never buy items online that you don’t have the cash to pay for. It is easy to get caught up in the hype and overspend.

Don’t supply an excessive amount of information. It will be no great surprise that the shopping site will be needing your charge card information to be able to bill you, and your address to help you receive your items. However, use care when additional information is asked for. No site should ever need your social security or bank account info, and in many cases, even your date of birth (DOB) could be an excessive amount to divulge. Those pieces of information can be ripped off by an identity thief and can cause a lot of stress.

Lastly, look up in the address bar on your computer before you enter in your credit card details. It needs to say, https and not just http. The “s” means it is a secure page. Go ahead take a leap, I personally do 95% of my non-food item purchases online. In fact, even food shopping is a very possible and convenient way these days – what’s next eh!!!