"Show me the money"
“Show me the money”

It’s a kiwi dream to own your own business and work from home is some way or another. We have a couple of home based businesses – gift baskets and Flowers. Both of these are online shopping style websites. I am sure what I mention in this brief will be true for anyone no matter where you live, so read on.
The number one mistake people make is they jump in boots and all and try to be self employed and work from home WAY before it is sensible to do so. This just puts you and your family under huge pressure; both mental and often financial as well.

  • This can have negative affects on your relationship
  • Your kids react to the stress
  • You start to make poor choices
  • Your health can be affected
  • You are not ready to take new opportunities
  • It goes on and on

[box type=”warning”] I strongly suggest you start your homebase business part time. This IMO is THE key to your success long term.[/box]
When you have a job with a full time income coming in; you can afford to:

  1. Buy the software you need
  2. Join the right paid forums
  3. Pay for SEO advice
  4. Do things well not “On the cheap”
  5. Pay for the premium version :-)

Just remember; everyday there are thousands of new people trying to make money online and run a business from home. It very popular to start a send flowers to South Africa or any other country style website or gift baskets site. The other advantage to starting part time is ince you make a small profit you can re-invest it all back into your business. This has a cumulative effect and can grow your business even faster. The truly disciplined people will wait until their part time income exceeds their full time income before handing in their notice at work. Along the way there will be times you think “I’ve made it” and want to quit your job before it is sensible. Try not to do it, seriously – you will hit snags.

[box type=”info”] For example: I was making pretty good income with my first set of websites and was ready to quit my job. Then Google did a major update and wham 80% of the income disappeared over night. It took many months to build back up again. But boy did I learn a valuable lesson here!!![/box]